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Vindicte Gratia is a Latin phrase roughly meaning
Favored Vengeance, or
The Grace of Vengance.

Vindicte Gratia is a CST guild based on the Giradda the Hutt server.
We were formed as a small group of friends who have played together in MMO since Everquest. 

This guild's primary goal is organized raiding, but we do have a large base of members who do not choose to raid.   Being a raider is not a requirement of our guild; however, we do encourage anyone who wants to raid to do so.  Class Knowledge and overall game knowledge are paramount to our goals.

First and foremost:
Anyone can apply to become a member being a raider is a competitive part of an MMO, so we are more selective about this than simply being a member.  You may become a member, but that does not entitle you to being a raider.

Currently we are accepting all classes as members

Raiders:   once we begin formal raids this will be updated to reflect the required Roles we need.

Path to membership:

  • Must be in guild for 2 weeks.  This will begin when you register on the guild website. 
  • Must be a Mature individual.  mature does not mean your 18+ it means you conduct yourself as an adult.
  • Must understand what your class' strengths and weaknesses are, and how to use it effectively in raids/groups. 
  • Raiders must be level 50. 
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